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Blended Learning: Growing your student numbers and experiences at the same time!

The educational world is changing and every school's success depends on its ability to adapt and drive new growth and success out of adversity. The most positive educational impact of Covid 19, has been the opening up of minds to new possibilities for learning - in particular online learning, and the value of blended learning to meet needs of a more uncertain world, and one in which some families may never want their children to attend a traditional school setting again.

Schools in Europe and the USA have traditionally not been as quick to adopt new thinking and technologies as those in South East Asia, yet even the most traditional private schools are now beginning to see the benefits of having a more agile approach to their curriculum.

An international school, with a small campus, could start considering how to increase its numbers by offering in school and online student places, thereby increasing its ROI in teachers, classrooms and curriculum. A school wishing to have a more international population, catering for families across the world, could offer a structured and accredited way to home school.

Not only does the use of online learning open up possibilities to grow student numbers, it also enables schools to consider guest speakers from around the world, without the costs incurred by flying them in for special weeks or lectures. Imagine if you could book an expert once a month to give a guest lecture, and he or she could be just one from your vast international pool of 'expert teachers' - how would that enhance the learning and student and in school teacher experience?

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