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Building Strong Teams

Our Founder and Lead Consultant, Angela Fairs, FRSA,MCCT, is an experienced and highly respected educator, who has launched and led independent schools in the UK and overseas. She is also an accredited Belbin Team Roles Assessor and NLP Certified Coach and Practitioner. She supports owners and Governors appoint and develop Executive, Senior and Middle Leadership, developing their individual strengths and strong and agile teams, creating a positive environment to support innovation and change.

Her extensive experience in all Key Stages and curriculums, alongside her NLP and Belbin Team Roles training, have enabled schools to roll out change management and successfully relaunch and grow.

As Founder of Full Circle Educational Consultancy Ltd, Angela is proud to be the first UK educational consultancy offering this combination to schools in the UK and internationally. To date, we have helped launch schools and grow existing schools through strong teams, and extensive educational training.

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Belbin Team Roles

At Full Circle Educational Consultancy have expert training in using Belbin Team Roles and offer this tool to the schools we work with, within our consultancy for change and innovation support.

Belbin Team Roles is a widely used profiling tool which helps individuals better understand their working preferences – the way they tend to approach work and how they interact with the rest of their team.  Profiles are built using their own self-perception combined with the views of some of co-workers using an online tool, and the reporting can be scarily accurate.

By using tools such as Belbin we help the executive and senior leaders we work with gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the impact they have on others – something which is invaluable, particularly in leadership positions.  Using this tool, a team can begin to understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie as a group.

Team role profiling tools like Belbin have the ability to expose hidden conflicts within teams. The outcome is that leaders learn more about themselves and their colleagues, allowing them to communicate much more effectively, thereby supporting change and innovation.  They will gain a deeper understanding of what motivates their peers and can use this to make a happier workplace environment.

We’ve really seen the value of using Belbin within the teams we support – so much so that we’ve used it ourselves!  


We would be happy to talk to you about your team building and supporting your strategic plans through Belbin Team Roles


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