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Full Circle
Educational Consultancy

Co-creating a culture of innovation in education.

Working with educators to create forward thinking schools that prepare students for success in the real world.

Schools that are innovative, inclusive, internationally minded and digitally confident.


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Welcome to Full Circle

Educational Consultancy

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We offer extensive school leadership experience, which is internationally minded focused on innovation, diversity and inclusion, and digital transformation across the education sector. We work with educators to co create inclusive strategic approaches and change management for future success. 

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We work with you to co-create and nurture successful and ethically driven high performing schools, and teams, support different success paths for different students through our extensive curriculum experience, and support new projects and school innovation.

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We bring a new approach to consultancy, driven by a deep understanding of the importance of success for all in your school, and the importance of international mindedness in a globally connected world.   

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