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Full Circle
Educational Consultancy

Include, Innovate, Inspire.

We work with forward thinking international and online schools to co-create innovative strategies, that prepare students for real success in the real world.


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Educational Consultancy

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We offer extensive international and independent school consultancy and delivery, with expertise in online, hybrid and blended learning, reimagining SEN/EAL strategy and delivery, and a focus on innovative success pathways, such as ESports.

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We work with Boards and Senior Leaders to co-create innovative SDPs, sustainable SEN and inclusion strategies and nurture agile teams, with the confidence, skills and self awareness they need, to manage and support each other through change and new initiatives.

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We bring a new approach to consultancy, driven by a deep understanding of multiple international curriculums, settings and methods of delivery. We understand the importance of success for all in your school, and the importance of international mindedness in a globally connected world.   

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